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1C-Option — is a european brokerage company specializing in binary options trading. Our goal is to make binary options the most profitable and comfortable way of trading for you. For this purpose we provide our clients with the most up to date trading services, such as:

Risk free start. We offer all new clients 5 risk free trades. That means even if you lose, your account will not be negatively impacted. It will be as if the trade never happened. In such way you can improve your skills in live trading and save your funds.

Demo Real. If you are not sure enough about your trading skills, you can train on a special Demo Real account and transfer all profit from your trading on a live account. The main advantage of this service is that you loose no funds from your live account balance in case of not profitable trading.

Trading signals. You can take trading course in our company, that will help you to learn the market and trade successfully. But if you still have some doubts such as what asset is better to trade now, what direction will be correct, you may ask your manager and he will provide you with trading signals absolutely free. Our signals are available after a qualified specialist validation. Its profitability is 65-85%.

Welcome bonus. We continue to enlarge your balance. Every initial deposit receives a bonus. It is tradable and withdrawable. The benefit of this bonus is that it does not depend on your own funds withdrawal. So you money are in safe and available at any time.

Record number of assets. Trading with our company you have access to more than 200 assets, such as currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices. Moreover, only you can set the upper limit of your income, because we offer 9 types of binary options that give you 85%-450% profit.

Personal manager. We provide all our clients with a personal manager after registration on our website. We employs the best financial industry experts to help you with education, trading and all questions related to cooperation with our company.

24/5 support service. Financial markets are opened 24 hours and you can trade any moment. That’s why our support team is online around the clock to provide you with any necessary information.

We are dedicated to providing our traders with a rewarding and enjoyable trading experience. Our company strives to be at the top of the binary options industry, providing our clients with the latest technology and most profitable options in the market.

Try 1C-Option today and experience the world of binary options like never before.
If you have any questions in regards to our company, please feel free to contact us at support@1c-option.com or via phone: +44-1316-081097.


  • Scotland, Edinburgh: +44-1316-081097
  • Email: support@1c-option.com

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