It’s important to choose the main assets for your trading to compose effective personal strategies correctly. This section presents all assets available on the 1C-Option trading platform. For your convenience, we have already divided assets into groups, each of which has its own behavior peculiarities. If necessary, your expert will give you a personal recommendation for the asset selection.

Major currency pairs

Pairs with US dollar and currencies of the most powerful countries or group of countries are called Majors. For example: EUR/USD - Euro/US dollar, GBP/USD - British Pound/US dollar, AUD/USD - Australian dollar/US dollar, USD/CAD - US dollar/Canadian dollar, etc.

Cross currency pairs (Minor)

The currency pairs that do not involve USD are called cross currency pairs, such as: GBP/JPY - British Pound/Japanese Yen, EUR/GBP - Euro/British Pound, NZD/JPY - New Zealand dollar/Japanese Yen, AUD/CAD - Australian dollar/Canadian dollar, CHF/JPY - Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen.

Exotic currency pairs

Exotic currency pairs consists of a major currency and the currency of an emerging or a strong but smaller economy from a global perspective. There are a lot of them: USD/DKK - US dollar/Danish krone, EUR/TRY - Euro/Turkish lira, USD/RUB - US dollar/Russian ruble, PLN/EUR - Polish zloty/Euro.

Precious metals and commodities

Precious metals refer to the classification of metals that are considered to be rare and/or have a high economic value. For example: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Commodities include: food (sugar, rice, salt, corn), energy (brent crude, natural gas, propane, heating oil), metals (copper, zinc, lead, nickel), etc.

Stocks and indices of world companies

This group of assets include stocks of the biggest and most popular companies of the world, such as: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, BMW, Audi, Sony, PayPal, Visa, Amazon, etc. You can trade stocks of any sector: IT, entertainment, fashion, media, pharmaceutics, engineering, building, etc.

Stocks and indices of Russian companies

Stocks of the most well-known Russian companies are also represented on the market: Yandex, VK, Lukoil, Gazprom, Avtozaz, Aeroflot, Megafon, MTC, RBK, Rosneft’, etc. Russia is rich in many natural resources, so the stocks of companies involved in their processing have a good volatility.